Ice Hockey Rinks

Ice hockey rinks

Our company has more than 25 years of experience in the ice rink and refrigeration industry, and ice hockey rinks are our specialty. An ice hockey rink is different to a normal ice rink which is built for public ice skating or professional ice skating, and we have the complete know-how. Our were installed all over the world and all the ice hockey rinks were built in accordance with the International Ice Hockey Federation rules.

Normally for an ice arena or for an ice rink that has to sustain periodically ice hockey games, we would not recommend a mobile ice rink system. This system is perfect for public skating or occasional ice hockey games, but the strength of the game is most of the times too much to handle for this structure. This is why the permanent system is perfect for ice hockey rinks built for longer time periods, and we delivered already projects in countries like Thailand, Romania, Qatar, etc. that can sustain our statement. You can find more about our permanent ice hockey rinks here.

There is though the situation where an ice hockey rink has to be built just for a special event, let’s say an Ice Hockey Championship at the seaside in Australia. For this situation, our mobile ice rink aluminium system is the perfect choice for your event because of the short and easy installation and deinstallation time (under 48 hours) and the short duration of the event (maximum a few weeks). After that, the complete ice rink can be deinstalled.

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