Ice stock articles

Ice stock articles

The target is a movable object within the target field, the so called Dauble. The aim of moving your stock over the approx. 30 m long ice track to get it as close as possible to the target can be achieved if the shooter either tries to get his stock closer to the target than his opponent´s stock, or to knock the opponent´s stock out of the playing field.

Ice stock sport requires a lot more precision than power – it is a precision sport. Sure instincts or luck is what counts here. The team that wins is the one whose ice stock stands closest to the target at the end of the game. If two or more ice stocks of one team are closest to the target, then that team wins the game. This excellent sport comes from the Alpine region and the past was played on frozen lakes.

Ice stock sport is very sociable, and it is the ideal winter fun for private parties and corporate events.

Ice Business offer the equipment for Ice Stock: wooden ice stock for men, women and children, aluminum ice stocks, hobby ice stocks, competition ice stocks, shoe spikes, ice stock lines, etc.

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