Profi Plus 3000 (Top Class)

Dasher board – Profi Plus 3000 type

Our Top Class boards are the most exclusive boards in our range of products. This type of board meets the highest demands on performance and functionality.

The robust design of the boards with double frames guarantees great stability under all stresses. We only use genuine glass panes in nay thickness desired. The channel for the safety glass is within the board hull. The board is clad on both sides for visual reasons so that the steel construction is concealed from the outside. This type of board has proven itself at large, international tournaments.

At this tournaments the flexible and expandable glass panes were used.

Advantage: The risk of injury to the players is greatly reduced.

Due to constant development the optimum solution for a flexible adjustable glass panel was found which will be a fixed component of the new Official IIHF Rule Book. Since our boards function without metal holders for the glass brackets, this technology is especially preferred by event coordinators, personnel, players, and spectators.

A completely open view of the events and the ice surface is guaranteed. The board´s design, the construction, the technology, the flexible glass panels, ensure the entire board technology is a product for the top class.

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