Skate sharpening machines

Ice Business is Germany’s number 1 for skate sharpening machines

Skate sharpening was never easier. Ice Business can provide you with either automatic or manual skate sharpening machines, depending on your needs.

Classic ice skate sharpening machine – SSM-2

The SSM-2 is a classic ice skate sharpening machine for hollow grinding and surface grinding. It is best suited for professional ice hockey teams, rental stations and mobile ice rinks. The SSM-2 has been used around the world since 1984, and since than has continuously been developed and improved.

The height-adjustable guide arm allows dragging the blade precisely along the grinding wheel. The machines are delivered with a grinding wheel and dressing diamond. It can immediately be cut. It is portable and comes in a handy carrying case.

Automatic skate sharpening machines – Skatepal-Pro3

Sharpening skates was never easier!

The Skatepal-Pro3 is a portable automatic skate sharpening machine for the heaviest demands and well suited for individual teams or sports shops.

The Skatepal-Pro3 uses an aluminum grinding wheel with a diamond coating. The grinding wheel is available in all radii for the desired hollow grinding. Experience is ice skate sharpening is not required. You just stretch the ice skate into the correct position and press the start button.

Prosharp AS 1001

The AS 1001 is the ideal skate sharpening machine for all ice rinks with the hockey operations, figure skating, speed skating, and public skating. It works reliably and efficiently. The skate is stretched and travels automatically with the blade over the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is of ceramic and is dressed to the desired radius by means of a screw with a diamond head. The skate is perfectly ground in a matter of a few minutes, and have a desired hollow grinding.

Prosharp – AS 2001 Allpro

The AS 2001 Allpro is the right automatic machine for professional ice hockey teams and large ice rinks. With the Prosharp AS 2001 Allpro, you can give the blades a hollow grinding and with templates you can adjust the longitudinal direction of the blade profile as well.


  • Quickly fix skates, you only need to activate a hand lever
  • 7 contouring patterns for grinding profiles are included
  • Automatic repeat of grinding

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