Equipment Characteristics

Equipment characteristics

SnowTec systems have the following equipment characteristics:
  • snow production in areas with up to 35°C outside temperature
  • greater durability than natural snow
  • no chemical or biological additives
  • just water and electricity required
  • mobile systems or fixed installations
  • individual capacities of 15-2.000 m3 /day
  • market leader with own production, development and service
  • flexible snow transportation system up to 100m
  • user-friendly electronic control system
  • worldwide network of reliable partners
Characteristics of the Powderstream:
  • state-of-the-art snow nozzle technology
  • snow production from -3°C already at a minimum height of fall 2.5 m
  • reduced mist formation
  • no exchange of nozzle inserts necessary
  • compact nozzle design
  • the use of additional cooling devices or the SnowTec snowmaking system allows snow production already at 0°C
  • continuously adjustable quality of snow by compressor unit (moist – dry)

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