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The goal of Ice Business is to offer the customers economical and environmentally-friendly chillers with a power consumption as low as possible while maintaining optimum performance. We have the right solutions for all types of ice rinks, arenas, sport centres, recreational parks, shopping centres, indoor ice rinks or outdoor ice rinks. For most cases the version of an air-cooled water chiller for outdoor use becomes important.

The equipment is chosen mainly based on the size of the ice field in varying levels of performance and the temperature. The machines work in an outside temperature range of – 20 C up to 45 C problem-free and can also provide sufficient cooling performance in warmer regions with water supply temperatures of – 10 C to – 12 C in the glycol circuit. A low-viscosity coolant reduces the drive energy of the pumps to a minimum. Ice Business is also offering machines that are equipped with energy-saving components such as a winter kit or heat recovery for warm water supply.

In the refrigeration area, we also offer maintenance, service and replacement parts for the equipment, we are the contact for our customers for the entire warranty period providing quick and easy handling and we recommend a yearly service for the refrigeration system in order to prevent damage and downtime during the ice season.

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