Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice

The material of our synthetic ice resembles natural ice or artificial ice with its milky, flat white look and sliding properties. Water only comes in game for cleaning the surface. The synthetic ice is especially practical for short-terms events – completely independent of the time of the year and weather conditions.

The single parts of the synthetic ice sheet with our easy handling connector systems can be installing in a very short time period and without any tools.

However, synthetic ice also has a place in recreational sports as well as in the professional realms, as even some stationary training facilities are equipped with such systems. In addition to good training opportunities made available by a synthetic ice rink, we also offer this system for training at home.

Advantages of the synthetic system:

  • no energy costs
  • no water necessary
  • no anti-blocking agents for the skates
  • only little maintenance requirements
  • suitable also for inline sports

Regular ice hockey training on synthetic ice increases body strength, speed, and endurance. With a regular training you can also ameliorate your technics as how to play with a hockey stick and how to skate. For home use we offer affordable systems that are designed for either skating laps or for shooting and goalie training.

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