Profi Plus 1000

Dasher board – Profi Plus 1000 type

This type of board is distinguished by the slim board design. The construction from 100 x 40 mm thick steel pipes gives the boards high stability.

Since this design, only 100 mm wide, incorporates the protective glass into the boards, no metal holders are needed for the glass panes. An open view of the playing fields is guaranteed for the spectators, cameras, etc. Thus this technology is especially preferred by event planners, personnel, players and spectators.

With the robust, self-supporting design of the boards, as well as the attachment to the floor, the board type is well suited for all ice rinks designed in accordance with the “International Ice Hockey Federation” (IIHF).

This model is also available with a white cladding to cover the steel construction on the exterior. Due to the self-supporting design of our boards, they are well suited for renovating existing ice stadiums.

The existing concrete refrigeration layers remains undisturbed during installation. A new, modern dasher board in an older ice stadium affects a huge visual upgrade to the entire ice facility.

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