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The Ski & Snow equipment of Ice Business was developed as a result of more than 25 years of experience in the refrigeration and ice rink industry. With the development of the “leisure” culture, snow and ice activities have maintained their appeal, as proved by the growing success of the snow-domes (bringing the mountains into the city) and the increase in the number of foreign visitors to the ski result.

Our vision is to create complex ski & snow projects, snow domes or snow villages that perfectly recreate the winter feeling and landscape of the nordic countries in places where the climate normally does not permit it.

Ice Business snow-makers run even in positive temperatures and produce snow when and where you need it! Find out more about the equipment that we use here.

The innovative technology of the all-weather snow systems developed by Ice Business offers a dynamic new solution: no mobility restrictions! The creativity and challenge is what we love at snow project, no matter the size of it: snow walls for car shows impressive sized snow project in the middle of the dessert!

Our product provides a reliable, ecological and economical solution to resolve snow coverage problems. The Ice Business solution meets also the needs of operators of indoor ski domes, events, shows, etc. who are looking to provide an increased experience quality to their customers, but also to maintain their energy bills reduced without affecting the environment.

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