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Indoor ski & all year snow systems

“Traditional” snow guns (pressurized water guns) cannot always resolve the snow coverage problem, because they require the right atmospheric condition (temperature < 0°C), which is not always guaranteed. However, with the SnowTec technology the outside temperature is not a problem anymore and the snow has actually a significantly better cooling potential, which means a much slower melting rate and better indoor ski performances. This makes it the perfect choice for snow production in ski domes and in combination with the Powderstream it is also possible to produce real powder snow.

Advantages of the SnowTec system for indoor ski domes:

  • individual planning of the snow and cooling plants
  • reliable and proven snowmaking-system
  • great snow quality
  • powder snow production in combination with the SnowTec Powderstream
  • only little cooling of dome necessary
  • ecological energy utilization concept
  • mobile units and fixed installations

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