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Ice rink installation & service

For the installation of the ice rink you do not have to possess any technical knowledge about it. The rinks are delivered to you completely, including all supplies and construction works, until the freezing of the ice. Depending on the size of the rink, a few helpers might be needed, that will work under the direct coordination of our specialists.

As for the permanent ice rinks, we can also manage and operate the mobile ice rinks. We have the experience of operating ice rinks worldwide, starting with a business plan, with advices on how to get sponsors, a costs calculation, etc. We can also take care of the everyday schedule, by organizing different events, skating lessons, ice hockey lessons, everything with maximizes results.

Through our great services you have always the certainty that an experienced installation team is on the site.

Of course, not only the installation of the ice rink is inclued in our service. After the successful event our company will disassemble the ice rink in the shortest time.

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