Ice Rink consulting and concept

Ice rink consulting and concept

We advise you on the route to a successful skating event!

Based on your company´s objective, we can optimise your project. We analyse your current graphic plans, define the success factors, and develop an individual concept in cooperation with you which we then put in practice.

As good preparation is essential in order to provide your guests with a successful skating event, you will receive our extensive project plan, we take you on a guided tour of the five phases of a successful skating event.

Why five phases?

  1. good Orientation makes for
  2. an efficient Preparation, which, in turn, makes for
  3. a good Execution and
  4. a perfect Operation at acceptable risks.
  5. the Assessment of an event makes for an even better event the following year and whose preparation will be even more brief and efficient.

People associate ice rinks with positive things: social interaction, sports, fun or relaxation. To make your guests feel the same way, your preparation really has to be good. In order to support you in this endeavour, Ice Business has drawn up this script (over 60 sites) in which you get information on all the opportunities you have.

We have already supported from the very beginning hundreds of initiators like private people, municipalities and companies who for the first time wanted to organize an ice rink.

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