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Custom snow domes

We at Ice Business put a big accent on innovation. Organizing snow projects for ski & snowboard domes is just a part of our vision and what we would like to realize. One important goal of ours is to organize these projects where before it was not possible to do so and where people have never experienced the typical winter season. This is why when we think about the final customers, we like to offer them a great variety of fun and entertaining activities specific to the Nordic countries.

Having this in mind we have prepared a list of more than 40 winter activities from which our customers can choose in order to have their own personalized winter village! Just take a look on the list, choose the interesting activities for you and get in contact with us!

Winter activities:

  1. Concept, design and layout
  2. Ski slope
  3. snow piste for snowboarding
  4. Lifts
  5. Ice pond for ice skating
  6. Ice hockey play area
  7. Eisstock & curling
  8. Ski & ice skating trainings
  9. Snow playgrounds for small children
  10. Treasure hunts
  11. Snow carousel
  12. Snowball target
  13. Zorbing ball
  14. Led illuminated ice tunnel
  15. Train ride through snow city
  16. Ice labyrinth
  17. Ice climbing wall
  18. Iglu village
  19. Winter castle
  20. Ice bar
  21. Snow & ice slide tracks
  22. Ice sculptures
  23. Sleigh ride
  24. ATV/ quad in snow
  25. Snow caves
  26. Toboggans & tubes
  27. Snowman play area
  28. Event area with amphitheater
  29. Freestyle show
  30. Ice skating show
  31. Hockey with the stars
  32. Live penguins show
  33. Santa Claus area
  34. Rental sledges
  35. Northen lights simulation
  36. Light and multimedia show
  37. Winter huts with specific drinks and food
  38. Christmas markets
  39. Typical winter huts from the Alps
  40. Gastronomic themes and specialties

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