Ice Arena Equipment

Arena equipment

The complete arena equipment needed for your ice arena can be found in our product range. From the complete refrigeration, ice resurfacers, ice equipment, sound and lighting systems to replacement products such as plastic or glass for dasher board systems.

At Ice Business you find  a wide range of products around ice rinks.

Constantly we are expanding our product range.

Score boards

Compact, variably adjustable sport display with most of the important special function for hockey players and teams, control panel for ease of operation – programmed for 8 additional sports. This special ice hockey display allows the display for each team of the player´s number who has received a penalty, as well as the length of the penalty.

Since the control panel is also additionally programmed for indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, handball, water polo, uni-hockey and mini-hockey, this model can be used in a variety of ways. Text display for team names is optional. The operating software is constantly updated to correspond with the current rules of the relevant sports associations.

Ice Covering Systems

We offer a wide range of ice covering systems. You can quickly change your ice arena into a multifunctional arena. You get a completely insulated surface on which you can immediately hold events like trade fairs, concerts, or theater presentations. With an additional resilient sports floor cover, sports like handball and table tennis are also possible. The system has been tried and tested over 150 times around the world and meets all requirements for a modern and efficient ice cover.

We are happy to advise you before you place an order, world-wide or locally, and we guarantee uncomplicated order processing.

Furniture and equipment for cabins, score boards, ice covering systems, spectator seats, lightning and sound, roof insulation and more!

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