Ice rink rubber flooring

Ice rink rubber flooring

Skate resistant rubber flooring is installed on the way from the skate rental section or the cabins to the ice rink.

Ice Business Rink Floor in Ice Business´s versatile, elastic flooring that has already been installed in ice stadiums, ice rinks and other sports facilities around the world. The unusual durability that comes from the unique material combination makes it an ideal special flooring where ice skates are worn, and hold up to heavy mechanical loads and the increased demands on the skid resistance. All Ice Business floors are equipped with an anti-mold substance.

“Stone” elastic flooring from Ice Business

The unique properties of the Ice Business “Stone” flooring gives special character to ice sport facilities and special sales and presentations area. It distinguished itself from textile flooring and all other commercially available flooring with its strong visual appearance. Just Like Ice Business Rink Floor, Stone is suitable for ice skate traffic, but available in lighter colors due to its composition. Ice Business Stone is made entirely of the synthetic rubber EPDM.

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