Your reliable partner for professional ice rinks

Ice Business GmbH can look back on more than 25 years of experience in the ice rink technologies.

We are a leader in the permanent and mobile ice rink industry, with projects all over the world. With innovative solutions and German quality we have managed to design, plan, install and operate one of the widest ranges of ice rink projects: professional ice hockey rinks, permanent ice rinks for shopping malls and leisure parks, mobile ice rinks for local communities, for events, fashion shows, hotels or new launches. At request we can also manage and operate the ice rinks after the opening date. Our main mission is to deliver to our customers the best project experience and professional results focusing on innovation, efficiency and quality together with a proactive and team oriented attitude, offering personalized solutions for challenging ice rink ideas. We bring ice to life!


Permanent ice rinks

Ice rinks for ice hockey arenas, sport centers, amusement parks and shopping malls are one of our strongest points. Ice Business is the ice rink constructor with ice rink projects in countries like Germany, Qatar, Kuwait or Malaysia implementing the newest technology worldwide with yearly increased performance. Our ice skating rinks as well as the products around the ice, our technical know-how, the accuracy and kindness of our coworkers as well as co-operations with experienced partners from different countries. Our professional ice rinks have the following advantages:


  • Good ice at poor weather conditions and temperatures
  • Competitive pricing
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Very short installation and dismantling time
  • Fast ice formation
  • Proven quality
  • Environmentally friendly, environmental management system
  • Maintained in conformity with the ISO 14001 standard 

The innovative thinking and business sense of our management keeps us constantly at the cutting edge of our clients’ fields. We offer the most modern technologies and the best environmental standards for our ice rink projects. One important goal of ours is the reduction in energy consumption. To that end we implement the most modern cold-aggregates and offer various possibilities to existing ice rinks to considerably reduce their energy consumption. Ice Business is the perfect partner if you are interested either to buy an ice rink or to build an ice rink, and our worldwide delivery and installation makes us the ideal choice for a successful project.

Mobile ice rinks

A mobile ice rink represents a sporting and quality upgrade for the community. It also encourages healthy, sporting behavior, fun on the ice and conviviality. Entertainment and relaxation! Many tens of thousands make use of mobile ice rinks in city centers. This results (from our latest studies) in extra revenue for communities and businesses. The fully patented mobile ice skating rink that scores higher in every aspect than traditional “rubber” portable skating rinks and which guarantees that skating will be “hot” everywhere and under all conditions. And will stay that way. When we at Ice Business talk about “hot” news or about a “revolutionary” development, you can be assured that we are not using such words lightly. This is why we would like to briefly list the advantages of our foldout aluminium ice rinks.


Very short installation and dismantling time! A series of fold-out elements that click together quickly and easily: this is the simple and yet clever principle of the foldout aluminium ice rink. So simple and so clever that, in fact, if you buy a mobile ice rink  of 600 sqm, it can be laid in a couple of hours which makes it perfect for events and different ice shows.


Extremely low energy consumption! The fact that aluminium is an excellent cold conductor, combined with the possibilities of optimal fine-tuning of the cooling machines, quickly yields savings of several tens of percent on energy costs.


Good ice even during the least ideal conditions! Wind, sun, rain, temperature.. of course they have a direct effect upon the quality of the ice. This is why it is so pleasant that weather factors have so little effect upon the ice quality of the foldout aluminium ice rink. This, too, is due to the excellent conductivity of aluminium. It transfers cold much faster and more directly to the ice floor and makes it immune to even the least ideal of weather conditions. Feel like going ice skating outdoors on the hottest day of summer? Sure, why not! Ice skating is possible on outside temperatures till +25 °C or more. Rent or buy a mobile ice rink and you will be convinced that ice rinks in summer are not a myth!

Arena Services & Accessories

We offer complete equipment and service for ice arenas. From the complete refrigeration, ice resurfacing machines, arena equipment, sound and lighting systems to replacement products such as plastic or glass for dasher board systems. We have the experience of building ice arenas and professional ice hockey rinks in conformity with the latest IIHF regulations, and we offer not only the best products for your ice arena but we can also make the maintenance works. From creative ideas, to design and planning, to innovative solutions, professional training, manuals, spare parts and finishing touches for the ice, Ice Business can become the long-term partner for your ice arena.

Ski & Snow Equipment

Special projects around snow and ice or ski tracks are one of our latest assets. Ice domes, ice caves and ice tunnels, frozen walls or snowboarding track in the middle of the city, these are the snow projects that challenge us and make us want to do the impossible possible. Our references show our dedication towards exciting results, whether that means to build a snow project or a ski track, our guarantee is a perfect snow and ice quality.