Curling equipment

Curling equipment

Our curling starter kit is especially popular for getting an economical start in the challenging sport of curling. It is ideal for newly opened ice rinks.

The Curling Starter Kit consists of the following:

  • 16 curling stones, manufactured in Canada
  • Pebble Equipment for preparing the curling rink
  • Cleaning equipment, hand ice edger and cleaning mop
  • Measuring device, competition stone measuring device
  • Rink accessories, lining sets and hacks
  • Scoring equipment, scoring table, signs
  • Player material, curling brooms, slider shoes
  • Electric ice planning machine set

We have also in our stock the ice resurfacing machine required for curling rinks. State of the art batteries – longer running time, longer service life. Developed by ice technicians for ice technicians. The Ice King offers a new method for getting perfect ice with the Ice King NEO Ice Shaver. Since 1969, Ice King has been the pioneer in research and design of ice machines that allow ice technicians to create the perfect conditions on the ice for curlers.

Ice King had made its name with over 40 years of quality standards, and is synonymous world-wide with curling ice resurfacing machines.

Besides this equipment, we can deliver and build the entire curling rink!

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