Rental Skates

Rental skates

Ice Business has a broad range of rental skates available. We offer the right skates for all aspects of ice skating sports:

  • Rental skates
  • Hobby skates
  • Figure skates
  • Hockey skates

We also supply the required replacement parts and tools for maintenance on skates, such as buckles, laces, liners, blades as well as rivets and eyelets.

With a very robust design, it offers an extra long service life. Skates with shells are preferred by caretakers of groups of children, because they are simpler and faster to put on and take off than skates with laces. The sock liners are of special material, quick-drying and quick-cleaning, the sock liners are with fastening system (outstop), they come with fastening system (outstop), they come with buckle closure and steel hockey blades.

Furthermore we can personalize the skates by adding your logo on them. Just ask us for more details!

Available sizes are between 25 – 50. (adjustable)

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