Profi Plus 2000

Dasher board – Profi Plus 2000 type Our standard boards are used in ice rinks around the world. This type of board is distinguished by a very slim board design. The construction from 60 x 40 mm strong steel pipes gives the boards increased stability. The glass attachment system is carried out with steel brackets that are screwed to the boards. Thus the protective glass panels can be installed in any desired thickness. This type of board is also well suited for ice rinks designed in accordance with the IIHF. Available Options for our Dasher Board Systems: Player boxes with benches Penalty boxes with benches Timekeepers box with timekeeping table Goal Judge box Raised Floor Walkways in the players boxes for coaches Puck safety nets (colors: black, white, olive) Benches Racks for Hockey Sticks Billboards easily changeable Ice thickness locking system Bottle Holders and built-in Shelves Storage Carts for Board Components and safety glass

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