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Mobile curling rinks

If you are interested in curling rinks but for a determined time period, you are in the right place! We can build mobile curling sheets, that can be easily installed where and when you need them.

Exactly how we build the permanent curling rinks that for different arenas, we can build the mobile curling rinks, but using a different equipment system. The curling rinks can be built just for having normal public curling games or in accordance with the World Curling Federation so that also official games can take place on them.

We can build not only the rink/rinks, but we can do also the curling painting. For indoor rinks we normally use our Ice Business Premium paints and for outdoor rinks we would suggest a textile curling set to be layed into the ice.

If you are interested also in complete curling equipment, including the special ice resurfacing machine for curling rinks, you can find it here.

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