Ice Quality

Perfect ice during the least ideal conditions!

With our hire rink you always have perfect ice of outstanding quality. Even at higher temperatures and in windy conditions, you can still skate on our outdoor ice rink.

Wind, sun, rain, temperature… of course they have a direct effect upon the quality of ice. This is why it is so pleasant that weather factors have so little effect upon the ice quality of the foldout aluminium ice rink.

This, too, is due to the excellent conductivity of aluminium. It transfers cold much faster and more directly to the ice floor, and makes it virtually immune to even the least ideal of weather conditions. Feel like going ice skating outdoors on the hottest day of summer? Sure, why not! Ice skating is possible on outside temperatures till 25 °C or more. EPDM ice rinks does have its weaknesses. Ice skating is only possible on temperatures under 9°C.

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