Energy efficient

Energy efficient ice rinks

The fact that our system is an excellent cold conductor, combined with the possibilities of optimal fine-tuning of the cooling machines, quickly yields savings of several tens of percent on energy costs. The cooling equipment is fully adjustable according to energy requirements. For example, we can sometimes switch everything off at night and then continue freezing the next morning. All of this has to do with high conductivity: this results in quick energy transfer and thus facilitates quick adjustments.

Years of experience prove that the Ice Business ice floors save a great deal of energy in comparison with traditional ice rinks. In 2009, Ice Business gave the engineering firm Sparkling Projects the task of physically underpinning this energy saving. TNO/TÜV checked the calculation models and tested the various products in their laboratory. Both TNO and TÜV came to the conclusion that the Ice Business rink saved up to 40% in energy costs. Report nos: TNO034-APD-2009-0378. TÜV034-APD-2009-00378.

– Ice Business is ISO 14001 environmentally certified

The manufacture, rental, sale, assembly and disassembly of the mobile ice rinks are carried out in a sustainable manner. Our Product and all other components are reused and the storage of the coolants is done in accordance with the regulations.

– Ice Business uses environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Ice Business uses the more expensive but environmentally friendly polypropylene glycol to cool its ice floors. Nearly 100% of this refrigerant is reused. Any leaked refrigerant is entirely biodegradable.

– Ice Business 2015 – 2020 Sustainability Strategy

Ice Business has set itself the following goals:

  1. To cut in half the energy consumption of its ice rinks by 2020.
  2. By 2020, Ice Business will only work with suppliers who comply with its policy on sustainability.
  3. All materials necessary for the production of the ice rinks are recycled.
  4. Certified timber originating from sustainably managed forests is used for the wooden boarding.
  5. Compensation of CO2 emissions for the logistics process (transport).
  6. Organising training courses for Ice Business dealers and its clients about the sustainable operation of ice rink projects.

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