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mobile">https://icebusiness.de/mobile-ice-rinks-1/">mobile ice rink can be used in many ways and for various occasions, it is not just a solution for having fun during the winter time. Even if it´s an event for one day or one week, we can provide the equipment for you exactly when and where you need it. We have delivered until now projects as fashion shows on ice in Bangkok – Thailand, or an auto show in Detroit City for Mercedes Benz.

We are opened to new idea and always find a solution for creative projects.

The creative use of the ice for city marketing and events is subject of constant change. Although an ice rink should maintain its characteristics in order to function properly, even here there are constantly new design changes, new opportunities to save energy and exciting tools for more success and fun on the ice.

Do you have a special request? Talk to us – we will provide you a competent and suitable solution for your needs.

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