How does it Work

How does it work?

The continuous innovative work of the Ice Business product developers makes SnowTec the leading snow production system on the market, but how does it work? The “Next generation” technology combines reliable snow production that is temperature-independent with simple, well thought out design and convenient electronic controls. The snow can also be distributed easily and exactly where it is desired. The machine has a high longevity and reliability based on the perfectly manufactured quality and top materials.

The SnowTec working system is based on the principle of fragmented ice production, the machine generating the fine snow crystals that match the real snow in quality and characteristics. The water freezes and is afterwards pulverized into fine particles while flowing over cold rollers. With the help of a flexible hose, the snow is then easily and purposefully distributed. Unlike other systems, the water does not include any chemical or biological additives and 100% of its quantity is transformed into snow granules. Also, the precooling of the water is not necessary for this process to function.

One important point is that the SnowTec snow shows a significantly better cooling potential than the real snow or the conventional one, which results in a much slower melting rate. Plus, the produced snow shines through its brilliant white and consistency and has excellent sliding characteristics and connectivity to the ground and to the real snow.

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