Accessiores for ice processing

Accessories for ice resurfacing works

An ice rink needs special care also after it was built, and this is why the right accessories for ice are a really important and helpful asset. Even the compilation of various data, how they are summarized in the checklist of the current log book helps to analyze, isolate, or remedy errors in the operation of the surface by means of remote diagnosis. In addition, the data captured is the basis for effective energy management for your surface.

In order to do correctly so, a rage of accessories is needed, which includes Logbooks, hygrocube, anemometer, etc. To make ice treatment easier for you we have included in our product range a variety of tools available for delivery with your ice rink, or why not, separately too.

Images of a few accessories you can find below but we kindly advise you to contact us in order to provide you the suitable accessories for your ice rink.

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