Ice Business is worldwide considered as specialist for ideal solutions in the permanent ice rink sector

Permanent ice rink in an ice hockey arena

With the Ice Business GmbH Professional Ice Rinks you have found a reliable and competent partner for the permanent ice rink technology. Our company rents, sells and builds ice skating rinks worldwide – peak ice rink sales are in ASIA and the GULF area. Since 2002 we enlarged our activities in the Eastern European Region (Ukraine, Romania, Russia), in Africa (Kenya) as well as in the Arabic Region (Dubai, Syria). Since 2006 we are also active in the USA. In 2014, we already received offer requests from over 127 different countries and had a really successful painting season in the European ice arenas.

The requirement of our company is to provide competence and leadership quality for the ice rink technology worldwide. Our long experience in the cooling systems business will lead to a successful cooperation and the German precision will undoubtly manifests itself even in the case of an outdoor ice skating rink project at an outside temperature of over 35 degrees plus.

Our ice skating rinks as well as the products around the ice, our technical know-how, the accuracy and kindness of our coworkers as well as the cooperations with experienced partners from different countries enable us to successfuly satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Our ice skating rinks have the following advantages:

  • Good ice at poor weather conditions and temperatures
  • Competitive pricing
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Very short installation and dismantling time
  • Fast ice fomation
  • Proven quality
  • Environmentally friendly management system maintained in conformity with the ISO 14001 standard

The innovative thinking and business sense of our management keeps us constantly at the leading point in the industry. We offer the most modern technologies and the best environmental standards, with top energy efficiency. One important goal of ours is the reduction in energy consumption. To that end we implement the most modern cold-aggregates and offer various possibilities to existing ice skating rinks to considerably reduce their energy consumption through the implementation of special ice colourants and laminations.


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  • SULAYMANIYAH FAMILY MALL, Iraq Nov.-Dec. 2016 SULAYMANIYAH FAMILY MALL, Iraq Nov.-Dec. 2016In the new and biggest shopping mall in Sulaymaniyah – Ice Business GmbH has built an Ice Rink in the middle of that Mall. The Size of the Rink is 440 m² and it is perfectly suited for public ice skating – also a major attraction for the visitors.      
  • November, 2016 -The First Swimming Ice Rink – on the AIDAprima November, 2016 -The First Swimming Ice Rink - on the AIDAprimaIn November 2016 we have built an ice rink – together with our partner company Ice World-Ice Business GmbH on the AIDAprima new cruise ship.This ice rink with an area of some 200 m² was created on Deck 16 in just under a week.The ice rink, around 40 meters up, was formally inaugurated by skating ...
  • July, 2016 – Rebuilding Multifunctional Arena in Doha, Qatar July, 2016 - Rebuilding Multifunctional Arena in Doha, QatarLast year our Company has built an Ice Rink in the Multifunctional Arena “Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiya Arena in Doha, Qatar”. On the 17th of July 2016 we changed the Handball Arena into a Professional  Ice Rink Arena and painted the Ice with white and colors. Now people can play Ice hockey, Curling and use ...
  • Changeover of the ice in 48 hours Changeover of the ice in 48 hoursAli Bin Hamad al Attiya Arena in Doha, Qatar is a Multifunctional Sports Hall that provides 8.524 seats and was built for the World Men Handball Championship that will take place this year. The total footprint is 16.000 m² and the build up area around 54.000 m². Ice Business built the piping system of the ...