Permanent ice skating rinks for arenas, sports centers, amusement parks and shopping malls

Our permanent ice skating rinks are available in different shapes and sizes: from small custom ice rinks for shoppoing malls or amusement parks to olympic size ice rinks where international ice hockey championships can take place.

Permanent ice rinks for leisure

Our range of permanent ice rinks for leisure is unlimited, due to the customization possibility. No matter the size and no matter the shape we can design and construct your perfect ice rink project. We offer the complete equipment with pipes system, chiller, dasher board and secondary equipment needed for a perfectly functional ice rink. We are planning the ice rink project to meet your needs and we are more than happy to provide consulting in regards of choosing the correct solutions for your needs and specifications. Although for a shopping mall or leisure park it is recommended to build a permanent ice rink due to its long life and stability, we can also offer you mobile ice rink solutions.

Permanent ice rinks for ice arenas

The permanent ice rink system is the most suitable for Olympic size ice rinks which are designed for official IIHF hockey games. In contrast to the mobile ice rinks, the permanent ice rinks are really stable because of the fix installed pipework which allows a faster and stronger hockey game on the ice without any damage of the equipment. This type of ice rink is not only recommended for ice hockey, but also for ice skating, speed skating, curling, Eisstock, etc. We are offering also for the Olympic size ice rink different types of materials and equipment, and we have solutions for vast varieties of buildings: from tents, half opened buildings or closed ones.


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