Tents and sound equipment

Tent for mobile ice rink projects

Mobile ice rink projects are sometimes in need of a tent in which they should be installed, especially because of extreme weather conditions. Strong sun and wind can damage the ice quality, no matter the power of the chiller or other technical data. We successfully installed tents for different projects until now, such as one in Romania at the seaside or one in Turkey.

Tent over a mobile ice rink in Turkey

Ice rink with pipes in sandbase in Tel Aviv, Israel


At Ice Business you will receive a complete equipment for your successful ice rink. And that also includes the sound system which brings to the ice rink a plus of life any energy increasing the good mood of the people and encouraging ice skating.

Our devices with higher output and sensitivity provide an even, differentiated sound. Speech remains understandable within the area, because it is practically echo-free.

Mobile ice rink in Kiel, Germany

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