Paint and textile logos for ice rinks

Ice Business GmbH has over 15 years of experience in the design, production and installation of in-ice logos found in professional hockey rinks, Olympic venues and local rink facilities. The logos for ice rinks are mainly part of 2 types: logo paints and textile logos.

The latest computer software and printer systems allow a precise work method. The reusable logo stencils have been used world-wide in ice hockey arenas, curling clubs and ice palaces for club and event logos. Furthermore, sponsor logos can be placed on the ice surface, making additional revenue possible for the ice rink. Over 1.000 colors of paint utilizing the Pantone Matching System and special paintbrushes are available for the exact reproduction of the logos.

Instructions for the logos are enclosed making the application easy. Of course, you will be assisted and supported in the logo painting by our service team. Conformable to the stencil print the labels are applied with Ice Business colors. Labels and stencils can be made in any color depending upon your wishes.

To give your logo a special effect, it can be applied with Black Light Ice Paint. This unique product gives your logos an usual luminance in the dark when a black light is shown on it. In normal lightning, the contours of the logos are still sharp.

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