Mobile ice rinks Q and A

One of the best ways to inform your customers before stating a project is completing your quotation with a questions & answers document and for this case: a mobile ice rinks Q and A. It is a lot easier to clarify some basic and important things based on such a form and it can very often destroy some myths around the theme. Here are some examples:


  • What size should a mobile ice rink have? The average mobile ice rink size is 600 m² or 20×30 meters. Larger towns usually choose larger ice rinks. If the ice rinks is designated for a special event the size and shape can be discussed and customized.
  • Does the surface under the ice rink have to be level? Yes. Ice rinks are usually installed on a wooden floor, which has to be minimal one meter longer than the ice rink itself. This subfloor can be extended to serve as a deck. It is important that the undersurface is leveled and that the load bearing capacity of the floor is 300 kg/m2.
  • How much space does the equipment take up? The average space required for the installation of the ice rink system (cooling units, buffer tank and generator) is 35 m², depending on the size of the ice rink. Exact details can be provided once the actual size of the ice rink is known.
  • How long does it take to construct an ice rink? The portable aluminum ice rink system can be installed in a matter of hours. The ice-making takes between 12 and 24 hours.
  • Will someone inspect the site? Yes, we will always inspect the site first. Following this inspection we will send you our organization schedule specifying all the technical arrangements for the ice rink construction.
  • Who has technical responsibility for the ice rink during the event? During the rental time, the ice master named in the organization chart is responsible for the ice rinks system.
  • Can we place advertising boards along the ice rink? The boarding around the ice rinks can be used to attach advertising boards, both on the inside and the outside. We have different types of boarding in stock.

A more complex Q&A list you can find on our website, at the following link.

 Thank you very much, and you can always send us your enquiry by e-mail.

Your Ice Business Team

Mobile ice rink for Modhesh World Sumemr festival in Dubai

Mobile ice rink for Modhesh World Sumemr festival in Dubai

Mobile ice rink for Modhesh World Sumemr festival in Dubai

Mobile ice irnk in germany constructed by ice business

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