Mobile ice rinks like never before

Mobile ice rinks… this is how the latest, in fact revolutionary, new developement in the form of non-permanent skating rinks can be described.

What are we talking about? The foldout aluminium ice rink. The fully patented mobile ice skating rink that scores higher in every aspect than traditional “rubber” portable skating rinks, and which quarantess that skating will be “hot” everywhere and under all conditiones. And will stay that way.

Wind, sun, rain, temperature… all these things have a direct effect upon the quality of the ice. And exactly this is why it is so comforting to know that your ice rink will be so little affected by these factors that before were a real problem. This, too, is due to the excellent conductivity of alluminium. It transfers cold much faster and more directly to the ice floor, and makes it virually immune to even the least ideal of weather conditions. Feel like going ice skating outdoors on the hottest day of summer? Sure, why not! Ice skating is possible on outside tempratures till +25 °C or more. EPDM ice rinks does have its weaknesses. Ice skating is only possible on tempratures under +9°C.

Show on the ice on a mobile ice rink made by ice business in Dubai

The foldout aluminium ice rink, the first “pure fun” ice skating rink:

  • Guaranteed perfect ice under nearly all conditiones Outside temperatures till +25°C – with guarantee!
  • Extremly low energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very short installation and dismanting time
  • Fast ice formation
  • Proven quality
  • Competitive price

Financial advantages:

  • The rink is due to its “ice security” each day in operation, and therefore a clearly calculable conversion
  • Due to the more favorable guidance coefficient of aluminum the energy consumption precipitates around more as 35% smaller, than with the conventional EPDM system
  • Due the short installation and dismantling time as well as the accelerated ice production and de-icing, saves you time and personnel.

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