Mayor Norbert Kopp at Lankwitz ice rink

On the 1st of February the mayor of the Steglitz-Zehlendorf district of Berlin was invited at the Lankwitz ice rink for a friendly discussion about the cooperation in the next years to come. Mr. Kopp is an old friend of the “Alte Eisbahn Lankwitz” considering that 15 years ago when the ice skating rink was first operated by Ice Team, he was the mayor of the same district. It was a really enjoyable Sunday afternoon with constructive discussions between people that have the same interest and passion: ice related sports. TV Berlin was also there capturing these moments and it was really fun to also see the Juniors of “Eisbären Berlin” making their way on the ice and having their ice hockey training.

The Lankwitz ice skating rink exists in Berlin for more than 35 years, but in 2000 it was brought back to life by the company Ice Team and it runs every winter season, from November until March, the number of the customers and skating enthusiasts increasing as the years go by. In 2002 at the initiative of the company Ice Team, “Eisstock” was introduced as a fun winter sport in the crowded city of Berlin which leaded to the construction of two “Eisstock” tracks and a Finnish hut with an open fire inside for warming up in the cold winter nights accompanied by a glass of mulled wine. Starting with 2009 further renovation works were done for the changing rooms, fast-food stands, restaurant, etc. and new facilities like the Ice Dom were build for a better customer experience. A new memorable and fun Eisstock and ice hockey championship will be organized at the end of March announcing the closing time of another successful season while already looking forward to the next one.

The Ice skating rink Lankwitz is the ideal place to spend time with friends and family and is an amazing meeting point especially for the people that live in the area. It is also a really important asset for the community considering the social involvement: 250 groups of children from different kindergartens or schools take skating or ice hockey lessons on the ice rink, activity which provides harmonious development. Plus, the BEV (Berlin Ice Sports Association) have their trainings on the Lankwitz ice, 12 hours/week, free of charge.

Our CEO, Mr. Scherrieble, and Mr. Kopp discussed about the following maintenance and developing stages of the ice skating rink and about the importance of it for the Steglitz district of Berlin. One concerning point which was important to be discussed is the global warming which is unfortunately becoming more and more problematic not only for different areas of the world but also for managing process of providing a good ice quality even in the cold season.


In comparison with the first season operated by Ice Team back in the years 2000/2001 the efforts have drastically increased because of the high temperatures in the winter time and we want to fight together with the local comunity to continue to provide a good quality ice and sustain the people that love ice related sports and that otherwise would not have a place where to practive and enjoy them.

We bring ice to life!

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