Ice rink energy efficiency

From the experience we gathered along the years by working in the ice rink industry, the feedback “Energy costs are too high” was one of the frequent reasons why companies or communities decided not to buy or rent an ice skating rink. Our company is one that has more than 20 years of experience in the ice rink industry and things have improved through the years.  We do not only recommend our customers the best tips for the ice rink energy efficiency, but we also provide the best equipment: chillers with latest technology, heat recovery systems, the best insulation materials, etc.

We are working in a sustainable manner and with maximum responsibility to protect the environment. It is equally important for us no matter the continent we are working on. Unfortunately there is no perfect solution to build ice rinks without any energy consumption but while working with us you can be sure that we provide the latest technology so that the energy consumption is on its lowest point possible.

In you have any questions regarding energy consumption, the way we are working or if you would like to receive an offer, just write us an e-mail.

Thank you!


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