How do ice rinks work?

We thought that this week we can talk a little bit about …ice rinks! 😀 More precisesly: how do ice rinks work? I know, there is no surprise, but we found a quite nice, simple and full of information article that we think it can be useful for you. We receive hundreds of inquiries over the year from all over the world and most of the people that are asking about an offer are at their first experience of building an ice rink. This is why we firstly, before sending a quotation, find very important to answer the question: how do ice rinks work? To understand the actual product and how it works it´s quite a simple yet very important rule for a successful project. The whole technique is not really difficult to understand, yet this really depends on the size and type of the ice rink. So all you have to do is to click here and you will go straight to the article.

Please make sure you visit all the pages for complete information (there are about 7 or 8).

Enjoy the read!


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