How the Kuwait Winter Games came to life

On December 2, 2018, we said yes to a project that was going to mark one of the key-points in our business and the Kuwait winter games forever.

It was that day that an ice hockey club in Kuwait contacted us to build a hockey rink with an arena. They would now be the first ice hockey club that owns its own ice rink.

The request came after the ice hockey rink in Kuwait had been demolished.

We said yes to the challenge. 13 months of hard work followed. We made preparations for covering an area of 1450 square meters with ice. It took a lot of determination, long days or dedication, focus and precision. Along with the ice rink, we have provided the accessories, as well – the BMS system, the ice hockey lining paint, the equipment, the rental skates and the textile logo.

On January 30 of this year, Kuwait Winter Games came to life.

One particular aspect that warmed our hearts during the development of this beautiful and

difficult project, was that the ice skating rink would be open to female ice hockey teams. Here we are, in a world and a culture that traditionally places the woman almost always to the side when it comes to the most important circumstances – political, social, cultural, religious – rolling the red carpet, or the glimmery ice, in our case, for the Arab women! They will practice, train and participate in a sport that has almost exclusively belonged to men until not that long ago!

At the moment, Kuwait has several ice hockey women’s teams (short KWHL):

  • Kuwait Blue Waves
  • Kuwait Diamonds
  • Kuwait Wildcats
  • Kuwait Gladiators

We bet you didn’t see the last one coming!

Men aren’t less inventive when it comes to naming their teams, either:

  • Kuwait Warriors
  • Kuwait Mooseheads
  • Kuwait Falcons
  • Kuwait Stars

The 2019 – 2020 Kuwait Ice hockey season has begun on February 1st, with The Arab Professional Club Championship being hosted on the very ice rink we built!

The rink is approved by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and will host many games and tournaments in the future.

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An “ice oasis” at the Beer Seva Cinema City, Israel

If you’re wondering what we have been busy with lately, here it is: a 450-square-meter ice skating rink in the heart of Beer Sheva, Israel. Starting November, the biggest city in the Negev desert now has an “ice oasis” at the Beer Seva Cinema City.

It took months of preparation. We started the project in August. We delivered the complete rink system, which includes the ice floor, the dasher board and the chiller, as well as the accessories that are so necessary when running an ice skating rink: the ice resurfacer machine, the skate sharpening machine and of course, numerous pairs of skates in different sizes, from kids to adults. And let’s not forget the bobbies – we all need a little help when we make our first attempts at ice skating.

The ice skating rink has been opened to the public on November 19 and has since offered an opportunity for fun, fitness and relaxation to thousands of people. Kids as young as four-years-old can join their older siblings or their parents in an adventure that brings them closer to their favorite animation these days – Frozen. Family time during weekend, but also during the week evenings has taken new meaning.

This is, actually, not our first project in Israel. Our first one dates from 2007. We built a 450-square-meter permanent ice skating rink in Tel Aviv. We came back in 2012 with two similar projects. We raised the stakes and went for an 850-square-meter ice surface in the city of Tel Aviv this time. But the “crown jewel” unfolded in Eliat where we built a permanent ice rink with an area of 1800 square meters.

New plans are already in development so stay tuned!


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Ice Business team manager – Guiness World Record in India

Everything related to ice sports wakes up our interest instantly. Having more than 30 years of experience in the ice rink construction industry worldwide, we saw and participated at a lot of innovative events and challenging ideas: ice rinks on cruise ships, pink ice rinks, ice rinks installed for fashion events or car launches, etc. But this year something extremely exciting is happening: Carsten Gobel, team manager of the Ice Business hockey team will take part at a world record ice hockey event happening in Ladakh, India. 

Carsten will be travelling to the northern region of India to be a part of a hockey game played at the highest elevation in the world, at around 4.000 m height. This event is organized and funded by The Hockey Foundation and the idea behind the event is to promote ice hockey not only in India, but all over the world.

The Guiness World Record organization will also be there to register the event as the highest altitude ice hockey game ever played. Ladack is located in the Himalayan region and the event will take place between the 4th and the 6th of February, right before the Olympic Games in South Korea which will begin on the 9th of February. The teams that will take part at the record setting game are Team Ice Hockey Foundation & Team India.

The game will not only be the one played at the highest altitude, but it will also be the most religiously diverse hockey game on record (there will be Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.) as part of the teams.     

The goal of the Ice Hockey Foundation besides promoting ice hockey worldwide is to include a special donation of 1000+ pieces of equipment that will further help at the development of the ice related sports in the local clubs/associations.

We are extremely excited to hear the impressions of Carsten when he will be back to Germany and we wish all the teams to have a nice time and a successful event in India!

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Ice Business project in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

The ice rink at MYNISS (Malaysia National Ice Skating Stadium) is a project for which our team at Ice Business worked for at least one year before starting the construction of the ice rink. It was an ambitious project and we are extremely happy that the hard work payed off and now the ice rink is up and running. Despite the equatorial characteristics of Malaysia, it was not an obstacle for us to build the ice rink that will be open all year round there. In fact, this is our area of expertise: to build professional permanent ice rinks that are opened all year round no matter how high the outside temperature is. The ice rink is a permanent one and it has the Olympic size of 1.800 sqm, which is suitable for official ice hockey games in accordance with the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) regulations.

The project that we built for Empire City made history right from its beginning: it hosted for the first time in history sports like ice hockey, figure skating and speed skating for the 2017 Kuala Lumpur Sea Games. It is also already classified as being amongst the best in the region by Singapore’s ice hockey coach, Mr. Robert Martini. Another really important figure that honored us with his presence was the Youth and Sports Ministry secretary-general Datuk Lokman Hakim Ali, who inspected the ice rink and was part of the opening ceremony.

Because of its Olympic size and modern functionalities, the ice rink in not only used for official ice hockey games or figure skating but it is also open for leisure to the general public (activities include disco on ice, different competitions, ice skating classes, etc.), being one of the most exquisite choices for tourists and Malaysian citizens of spending their free time in a fun and healthy way.

The 2017 Kuala Lumpur Sea Games offered a total of 8 gold medals which were awarded for ice related sports: two for figure skating, six in short track speed skating and one for ice hockey. We congratulate all the winners and we are looking forward to build the next ice rink project in Asia!

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In the new and biggest shopping mall in Sulaymaniyah – Ice Business GmbH has built an Ice Rink in the middle of that Mall. The Size of the Rink is 440 m² and it is perfectly suited for public ice skating – also a major attraction for the visitors.




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November, 2016 -The First Swimming Ice Rink – on the AIDAprima

In November 2016 we have built an ice rink – together with our partner company Ice World-Ice Business GmbH on the AIDAprima new cruise ship.This ice rink with an area of some 200 m² was created on Deck 16 in just under a week.The ice rink, around 40 meters up, was formally inaugurated by skating duo Salomé Casabona Studer and Peter Turner, who are known from the latest Holiday on Ice show, BELIEVE. Until mid-March 2017 guests aboard AIDAprima can look forward to all kinds of winter fun and exclusive Holiday on Ice workshops.Such rinks are traditionally inspected and approved by ice master Peter Koschmieder, Holiday on Ice’s production director.


Photo: CopyrightⒸAIDA Cruises

Photo: CopyrightⒸAIDA Cruises

Photo: CopyrightⒸAIDA Cruises

Photo: CopyrightⒸAIDA Cruises

Photo: CopyrightⒸAIDA Cruises

Photo: CopyrightⒸAIDA Cruises

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SNOW and ICE planet – Thailand

In May 2016 “Ice Business GmbH” started a new and exciting project. In the shopping center “The Mall” in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat), in the north-east of Thailand, our international team has built a “Snow and Ice planet”.”The Mall” in Korat was opened in the year 2000. And now within the scope of an extension building our company got in 2016 the order for the construction of a Snow and Ice park.

The Snow and Ice Planet has more than 2.000 m² and is separated in 2 areas. On the one hand an ice rink of 800 m² and on the other side a Snow Playground with an Ice Vertigo (downhill run for Zorbing balls and snow tubes), an Ice tower with a snow slide, Zipline tower, a carousel and a climbing mountain.The grand opening ceremony took place on Saturday, October 8th. In addition to the managing directors “The Mall Group”, numerous guests from the show and business area of Thailand were invited.

2016-09-21-photo-halle  14717104_1547083495317178_8993430402801432794_n

feier-eroeffnung     eroeffnung5

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Ice Business Premium White & Coating

logo preumium paint

The ice painting season is slowly approaching and this is a special year for us because we have developed our own ice paints:

Ice Business Premium White & Coating!

We have more than 15 years of experience in working with the best suppliers on the market, delivering ice painting products and services to arenas all over the world. It felt like the right time to gather all our knowledge and experience and transform it into a premium product.

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July, 2016 – Rebuilding Multifunctional Arena in Doha, Qatar

Last year our Company has built an Ice Rink in the Multifunctional Arena “Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiya Arena in Doha, Qatar”. On the 17th of July 2016 we changed the Handball Arena into a Professional  Ice Rink Arena and painted the Ice with white and colors. Now people can play Ice hockey, Curling and use the Short tracks. Also we coached the staff in using the chiller and maintenance. 



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Ice rink construction phases

In our last blog post “How to build an ice rink” we promised that our future article will describe in a few words the ice rink construction phases, so we will begin the new year with this subject. Continue reading

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