Why you should buy an ice rink

Buying an ice rink requires a budget that most of the times exceeds the expectations of the investors, but this should not be an impediment to go further with the project. Sometimes it helps more to look at the big picture and to buy an ice rink is not a short term process: neither as planning and construction nor as running and managing. But there are several reasons why this is an important and at the same time profitable initiative. We as ice rink constructor company try always to evidentiate first of all the benefits for the community. No matter if it´s a private project or one in collaboration with the city hall or ministry, it has a positive impact, sometimes more than just locally.

It can mean fun for the children, a way of avoiding the heat in the hot countries, a healthy way of getting out of the house or the most important mean for developing a career as a professional ice skater or ice hockey player. Gone are the days when an ice rink could be built only during winter or with extremely high energy costs. Actually, most of our projects are in countries where the temperatures often exceed 25°C, 30°C or event up to 40°C, accompanied by high humidity.

We at Ice Business are in the process of developing one of our newest products, called Energy Saving Solutions, and this means visibly lower energy costs, better air quality inside the buildings and environment friendly equipment. Plus, there is an enormous event organizing potential surrounding an ice rink.

Starting with creating an unforgettable user experience by constructing the ice rink with ice caves, lights, ice tracks or ice walls and continuing with spectacular shows on the ice, fashion shows, car launches, concerts, etc. We can plan, design, construct and manage all of this. You can see some examples by visiting our Reference Page or our Facebook Account.

We hope that we managed to highlight a few of the most important points why buying an ice rink is the right decision and the most important thing when in doubt is to contact us. We will happily provide all the needed information and support. Be the person that breaks the ice and makes a difference. Start now by sending us an E-mail with your inquiry.

Your Ice Business Team

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