Since ice rinks in ice arenas generally have permanent or sporadic events planned, sufficient seating must be made available for spectators. Various options are available regarding the tribunes area. Depending on the requirements, seating can be permanently installed stands, or portable stands can be erected for greater flexibility in arena usage. Stands have the advantage that the terraced arrangement of rows guarantees a good view of the event on the ice surface. For other events (like concerts with a stage and spectators on the covered ice surface), seating is also required. In this situation, be sure that the individual chairs are stackable.

Ice hockey arena with seats in Brasov, Romania Ice hockey arena with tribunes

Retractable stands

Retractable stands allow more efficient use of the available space. During sports events or entertainment, the stands can be extended and placed so that spectators have available a comfortable place to sit. When they are no longer needed, push the stands together and make space for a variety of uses in the space. The process of folding and unfolding the stands can be done either manually or electrically. The number of rows and seats, selection of colors, availability and placement of handrails, steps, walkways, and their dimensions can also be determinate by the individual requirements of the sport complex.

Retractable seats for spectators - ice hockey retractable tribunes for spectators for arena

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