Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow

…somewhere else!

With the SnowTec technology developed by Ice Business you can have snow projects all year round! While conventional snow systems depend on the outside temperature, the SnowTec is designed for snow production within a temperature range of -4°C and +35°C. As we are really interested that our products are environmentally friendly, an important point for us is that no chimical or biological additives are needed for the snow making process: just water and electricity!

Standard specification of the SnowTec equipment:

  • ready-to-connect machine in housing (plug and play)
  • pneumatic snow transportation system
  • mains by CEE connectors
  • electronic SPC (stored program control)
  • compressor with oil-pan heating
  • condenser with fan speed control
  • fan switch-over during operation for heating or cooling of machine housing
  • V-condenser for improved upward leading-off of air (6050L and 6100L)
  • thermostatic expansion valve and suction gas heat exchanger for most efficient snow production in changing ambient conditions
  • directly driven evaporate rollers with rotating refrigerant connection on the side
  • closed system with refrigerant R 404A
  • integarted intercooler for blast cooling
  • automatic emptying of residual water and snow
  • integrated water fine filter
  • lighting and power outlet in the housing interior
  • exterior failure warning light
  • exterior lighting in operating area
  • exterior socket for additional floodlights for operation
  • emergency stop with overvoltage control
  • partial load operation possible with machine types 6050 and 6100
  • CE conformity

*Optional equipment at request.


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