Seacon Bangkae ice rink opening

On the 5th of September 2014 the Seacon Bangkae ice rink was opened! It is an Ice Business project in collaboration with “The Rink Ice Arena” consisting of an indoor permanent ice rink in one of the biggest shopping malls in Bangkok. The surface of the ice is around 483 m² but the total surface area designated and needed for the well function of the ice rink is approx. 700 m². The ice rink is a permanent one, and it will be accessible all year round.

Ice Business is not at the first project in Bangkok, we have actually organized approx. 6 ice rinks, all of them in Shopping Malls. 1 of these ice rinks has an Olympic size of 1.800 m² and hosted in 2013 the 6th edition of the IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia.

The climate in Thailand is not always the friendliest, and this is a reason why people spend a lot of their free time indoor, participating at recreative and entertaining activities. We are happy to be able to increase their choices by spicing the things a little bit with our ice rinks. People in the area are more and more opened to ice related sports and start also taking professional ice skating or ice hockey lessons, developing their skills into a passion and we want to make sure that they have the appropriate conditions to do so.


Ice rinks are our passion!

Visit also the website of Seacon Bangkae by clicking here!

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