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The aluminium pipe system is in almost every aspect superior than the traditional EPDM rubber system, for mobile solutions. All Ice Business systems use real ice rather than synthetic slabs.

The Aluminium foldout rink is the latest generation of easy to install, ´do-it-yourself´ ice rink. The ice rink entirely consists of aluminium elements that fold out and do not require any assembly. Installation only takes a few hours. This patented portable ice rink system is unique, but due to the high investment required it is used for long-term rental contracts only. Clients can install this type of ice rinks themselves.

The fold-out aluminium skating rink We began producing EPDM rubber skating rinks for sale and hire in 1992. In past years, many competitors have marketed a similar product.

EPDM has several weak points. In 2001, Ice Business began research into a viable alternative, and in the winter of 2003/04 installed the first new fold-out aluminium skating rink. These were a great success (see references).

In the 2004/05 season we replaced all our rubber EPDM skating rinks with the “revolutionary aluminium skating rink”, and since then we use it successfully worldwide and in extreme weather conditions.

Mobile aluminium sheet

Characteristics of the revolutionary skating rink:

No more leaks or problems The whole ice base is assembled and tested in our factory. A final check during construction ensures a fun, problem-free skating season.

Rapid ice formation With the fold-out aluminium skating rink we fill the whole rink in one go with 7 cm of water. The freezing machines are switched on and within 12-24 hours, the rink can be opened. Almost regardless of the outdoor temperature. No work and much less energy wasted. This is in contrast to EPDM rinks, where it takes 36 hours of filling to produce a sufficiently thick layer of ice and the work to be done above all at night when it is colder. And even then, it cannot be too warm or too windy.

Proven quality The fold-out aluminium skating rink has already proven its quality at more than 100 locations. Many newspapers, trade journals and even TV programmes have carried reports on the revolutionary skating rink. Without exception, customers were extremely satisfied. See also media and references on this site.

Extremely low energy consumption Aluminium’s coefficient of energy conductivity is thousands of times more efficient than EPDM. In combination with the fine-tuning of the cooling machine, you will save 30-40% in energy costs. Control of the cooling equipment involves the possibility of synchronising the machines entirely to energy requirements and can sometimes be shut down at night. The rapid transfer of energy makes adjustments quick and easy. Ice made wet by rain dries in a couple of minutes.

Environmentally friendly Skating rinks often work with a coolant called glycol, which circulates through the ice base. In this way the cold is transported from the cooler to the rink. For many years Ice Business has worked with the more expensive but environmentally-friendly propylene glycol, also used in the food industry. No glycol enters the environment when this unique rink is installed. The fluid is drained off prior to dismantling with no loss of coolant. In contrast to the much-used EPDM system, there is almost no chance of leaks. The low energy consumption is also a major environmental argument.

Good ice in poor weather conditions Wind, sun and rain in combination with high temperatures cause all ice to melt at a specific moment. Because the fold-out aluminium skating rink transfers the cold to the ice much faster and more directly, this skating rink is much less sensitive to bad weather than current systems. After a shower, the rink dries more quickly and even in bad weather the rink can usually remain open, and that can be important for your turnover!

Simple assembly and dismantling The laying out and unfolding of the ice base cannot go wrong. There is virtually no need for specialist knowledge. Ice Business always supplies one or two experienced ice-masters to supervise laying out and dismantling the rink. We expect the lessor to provide six helpers to spend a couple of hours unfolding and folding the rink. Our cooling technician will install and connect the freezing equipment.

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