Message to our readers

Not so much time has passed since we started with our blog and we couldn’t be more happy about it. It is such a nice way to interact with customers, ice rink owners or ice skating passionates and to share some pieces of information which is not suitable with other forms of online communication. We are excited to also see that our readers from all partsĀ of the world gather on our pageĀ and enjoy our content and shared passion. Below you can find some figures that include our visitors (based on the region they come from in a certain time period) and we can only say “Thank you” for this. And do not forget, everybody can have the initiative of building an ice rink in their community. You can talk with the city hall, event managers or investors: a lot can be achieved just by having a goal and finding solutions to make it work. And when that happens we would be more than happy to help you with the project, send you a quotation for the desired ice rink and make things happen no matter the location.

Thank you and we hope you will enjoy our further articles!

Your Ice Business Team

PS: Which country are you from?


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