Indoor ice rink requirements

We received over the years inquiries from countries all over the world and we sometimes have some difficulties in preparing offers because the planned buildings do not respect the requirements that unfortunately are not negotiable for a good quality ice. Our clients have to understand that despite all the technologies and improvements, an indoor ice rink can not function at its maximum performance at an inside temperature of 30 °C and an air humidity that exceeds the level of 50 %. If an ice rink is desired inside a Shopping Mall or Leisure Park, the building should be designed and constructed having in mind already the ice rink needs. In order the have a big picture in front of your eyes, here are some basic but important conditions that we require when we are asked to build a permanent ice rink:

– the temperature inside the building should not be more than 21/22 °C – the air humidity has to be at a level of maximum 50 %

– there should not be direct sun light over the ice surface – if the ice rink is outside the speed of the wind should not be more than 0,5 m/s

– access to water and energy should be provided

These would be just some main points, if you need any other piece of information regarding your ice rink project and planning, do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail.

Thank you,

Your Ice Business Team


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