Ice rink projects – References

Ice Business is building permanent ice rinks worldwide since many years, and we have a great number of international ice rink projects. References and testimonials are one of the last project management phases, and it is one of our favorite as well, you can all guess why. 🙂 Below you can read a few of the references that we received after the completion of some of our projects:

1. ““The staff of the company was really friendly and communicative; they always tried to find the best solutions and maintain a very nice and motivating atmosphere at the working site. Ice Business was fully occupied and fully functioning for the duration of the project, organized and controlled all of their work properly. They executed their work with utmost professionalism throughout the project.””

Sebastian Baciu – Project Manager – 1.800 sqm ice rink in Brasov, Romania


2. “The Ice Business team installed the ice rink in a very short time period, made the training of our staff and since then we never had any technical problems with the chiller or other ice rink materials. Our hockey ice rink meanwhile is known all over Asia and we are very glad that the International Challenge Cup of Asia 2013 took place in Rama9 on the rink built by Ice Business.”

Ms. Noi – CEO – 1.800 sqm ice rink in Bangkok, Thailand


3. “Not only the attitude and abilities of the Ice Business Team were of a big plus for the collaboration, but also the products that they delivered were of a high quality.”

Mr. Nathan Krauze – Branch Manager – 1.800 sqm ice rink in Eilat, Israel

Ice rink in Eilat, Israel, constructed by Ice Business, Jet Ice paints used

4. “On behalf of Ice Team I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for the expert workmanship and professional demeanor Ice Business demonstrated throughout the entire project. The communication of Ice Business was far superior to any other company we have collaborated before and the attention to detail of the employees and representatives exceeded our expectations.”

Mr. Cezar Cristian – Manager – 800 sqm ice rink in Bucharest, Romania

before and after cotroceni

We would like to thank our customers as well for the wonderful collaborations and we are looking forward to the new ones.

Your Ice Business Team

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