Permanent ice rink piping system

Our permanent ice rinks can be used for skating 12 months out of the year, everyday. However, they can also be used in a variety of ways in year-round operation. For operators, the end of the skating season opens up new possibilities for using the surface, like for example special events, concerts, other different sports, etc.

For permanent ice rinks we use Plastic PE HD piping in concrete, this layer combines the concrete and the PE HD piping for cooling down the ice surface. An equal distance is maintained with the help of spacers between the flow pipe and return pipe, the size of the distance depending of the size of the ice rink. The pipe connections are welded.

Piping works at the working site of Ice Business in Al Ain, Dubai

The pipes can also be embedded in sand, depending on the needs of the customer. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages which we can gladly explain to the customers and help them take the best decision suitable for their project.

Piping works in sand for a permanent ice rink

We also offer complete equipment and complex accessory range for the piping works, such as white ice fleece, insulation foil, glide foil, water steam diffusion barrier, insulation, permafrost heating, etc.

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