Ice rink management

The ice rink management is a key factor not only for the ROI but also for how people perceive ice skating as a sport or entertainment activity. We at Ice Business have the experience of managing our own ice skating rinks which was a strong base for when we decided to provide these services also to our clients, for which standing out from other local entertainment facilities is really important. In Berlin for example we are managing our own ice rink in collaboration with the local community. Also, for more than 10 years we have our own permanent ice skating rinks in 2 shopping malls in Romania, which are operated all year long. Each type of ice rink requires a personalized management depending on the country where the ice rink is situated, on the weather, economical development, etc.

There are a few important phases that we use as a guideline for a successful ice rink management: consulting, planning and projecting, facilities management, marketing and PR, event management and community engagement.

Below you can find a video which illustrates all these things that we will further explain. “The Rink Ice Arena” is one of our long term partners from Bangkok, Thailand, for which we have built several permanent ice skating rinks including the ones in the video.

1. Consulting: First of all our main activity is to build ice skating rinks, and we do it for more than 25 years. This is why one of the most important steps is to advise the customer regarding the best solution for the ice rink construction and ice rink management in accordance with the location, building structure, market, etc. It is better to understand the existing market and to build your project in accordance with it than to try to change the market in your benefit after having finished it.

2. Planning and projecting: From ice skating rinks with the Olympic size of 1.800 sqm built in accordance with the IIHF regulations to custom shaped ice rinks for Shopping Malls and entertainment facilities, we can deliver the projects from A to Z. Our team of experts can plan and design the requested project until the last detail with all the needed information included.

3. Facilities management: We organize and handle aspects as: personnel, procurement, cashier, insurances, budgets, financial reporting, operations and maintenance, etc.

4. Marketing and PR: A very important aspect is the marketing activity organized around the ice skating rink such as traditional marketing, online marketing and successful PR. Starting with a strong branding structure and continuing with promotional techniques, our marketing activity is one of our strongest key points in the management area.

5. Event management: For an ice skating rink it is really important to be kept alive and to offer diverse entertainment opportunities. Considering that it is intended for all ages, it should provide suitable events for everybody plus respect the requirements of the market, the schedule of the key customers, etc. From permanent ice skating rinks in Romania to mobile ice rinks in Dubai we managed and planned a wide range of ice related events like: concerts, fashion shows, orchestras on ice, disco on ice, freestyle skating, etc.

6. Community engagement: Last but not least comes the strong focus that should be put on the community. Ice skating has a positive impact on people’s lives and it is really important to take this impact at its highest level. Our favorite thing to do besides supporting the local community with different projects is to organize skating schools (for either figure skating or hockey). This is the best way that you can create a long term relationship with your customers that also contribute to the harmonious development of the children.

In case you are interested to find out more information regarding our management experience or if you would like to receive a management proposal for your ice skating rink, you can always send us an e-mail.

Your Ice Business Team

Permanent ice rink in a shopping mall in Bucharest, Romania

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