Ice rink in Central World, Bangkok

Ice Business GmbH is building ice rinks on all continents. Through worldwide cooperation with partners in the ice related sports industry we offer our customers a wide range around the topic of ice. One project that we are proud of is the construction of a permanent, 400-sqm ice rink in the largest shopping center of Bangkok, the CentralWorld.

In 2009 several mobile ice rinks were installed at first, in order to give the organizers and the people in town a more precise idea of the project. An ice rink has been something completely new for Bangkok. After the materials were shipped on containers to Thailand in February 2010, a fire in the shopping center stopped the planned installation of the permanent ice rink in the bottom floor of CentralWorld. In October 2010, the installation has been implemented at last. This is already beside to the 800 sqm ice skating rink in the Esplanade Cineplex Amusement Center, the second permanent ice rink that Ice Business built in Bangkok. A third one is in Rama9.

Permanent Ice rink project in Central Worl, Bangkok, Thailand

In the construction of the ice rink there was also a subfloor freeze protection heating installed. Its purpose is to avoid a freezing of the ceiling under it. Otherwise, humidity can freeze on the ceiling below, and the rooms under the rink could become wet. Looking at the structure of the ice surface, it forms the bottom layer. Directly under the ice, a piping system with cooling liquid is installed in fine concrete. Isolation separates these layers of the frost protection under the ice. We at Ice Business GmbH offer our customers the latest technology, for example, of the refrigeration units (chillers), in accordance with the highest environmental standards. In using all our expertise we have the goal in mind to keep the energy consumption as low as possible and within the last few years we have already halved it.

Permanent Ice rink project in Central Worl, Bangkok, Thailand

The permanent ice skating rinks by Ice Business can be used as a skating rink in winter and summer, but also for other events like a fashion show and for all trending sports which are possible on the ice. These ice rinks are constructed not only in ice arenas, but also in shopping malls or leisure centres. For a shopping mall it is a very important asset, considering its flexibility around the events management area. You can organize ice skating trainings, ice hockey lessons, birthday parties, fashion shows, concerts on ice, different contests, etc. It is just a very innovative way to keep the visitors happy and interested in returning to the shopping mall more often, increasing the customer experience quality.

Permanent Ice rink project in Central Worl, Bangkok, Thailand

Besides the sale and rental of ice rinks, including accessories such as ice skates, ice resurfacing machines, ice skating aids penguins, as experts in refrigeration and air conditioning systems we are also the official licensee of JET ICE Ice Paints. The offer of Jet Ice Paints from Canada includes all products from the line marking and color design for logos of sponsors on the ice. Furthermore, the Ice Business GmbH operates Europe’s largest online trading for accessories around ice rinks: The Ice Arena Managers and interested customers find here everything from new and used ice rinks, dasher board systems, new and used ice resurfacing machines, grinding machines to ice hockey equipment, skates, jerseys, etc.

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