Ice resurfacers

Ice resurfacing machines are one of our specialties and lead to a high quality ice surface.

When it comes to ice resurfacing machines, you can choose between different manufacturers and models in a variety of equipment variations. The basic functional principle is similar for all the machines.

In order to be able to offer the right machine for any requirement, we offer models with electric engines, gas engines or diesel engines.

We also quote for second hand machines that are reconditioned in our workshop. These machines undergo a complete functional test. Worn or defective components are replaced.

Below you can find the ice resurfacing machines that are available in our range, according to the suitable size of the ice rink.

Zamboni 525 – up to 1.800 sqm Zamboni ice resurfacer

For ice rinks of this size, you require an ice resurfacing machine with a sufficiently wide shaving blade as well as enough water and snow tank volume.

Sport Ice Elektro 248 – up to 800 sqm Sport ice elektro resurfacing machine Silverstar Show Ice – up to 600 sqm Silver star ice resurfacing machine Grisu 1000 – up to 400 sqm  Grisu ice resurfacing machine “Hercules” Sweeper – up to 400 sqm Herkules Sweeper for ice resurfacing

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