Ice resurfacer training in Abu Dhabi!

The Ruwais Mall in Abu Dhabi is the only community shopping mall serving the Western Region. The Mall itself is a very exquisite one that focuses not only on the shopping opportunities but also on the leisure possibilities like cinemas, bowling alley, family entertainment center and of course an ice rink! We delivered for the ice rink a Sport Ice resurfacer which you can see in the photos below and last week we did a training for it. For a perfect ice you need a good machine and a perfect knowledge on how to use it. It is not rocket science but is a crucial fact if you want to have a long lasting machine that makes its job at 100% capacity. And we at Ice Business have this knowledge which is strengthened year by year since we use this machine for a very long time, and we suggest this training to every client that decides to buy the machine from us.

The Sport Ice Machine is designed for ice surfaces between 400 and 800 sqm. It is equipped with a snow tank and this makes the resurfacing very comfortable. It offers professional ice quality, the latest technology and simple operation and is especially suitable for the ice rinks in Shopping Malls.

Below you can find some pictures, hope you enjoy them!

Your Ice Business Team








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