Ice Business Premium White for brilliant ice

“It is simple for staff to operate, cost effective and gives great consistency to the ice”

Our most brilliant and intense white ice paint will have your rink stand out brighter than all the rest. With consistent improvements over the years, our white ice paint beats out the competition hands down with its color intensity, energy saving and ease of application.

The high color intensity is also highlighted by the special pigmentation which gives it an unusual reflection and a super white color.


Additional advantages are the limited snow formation on the ice surface and the improved thermal conductivity between the ice layer and the refrigeration circuit (this also contributes to energy savings).


Based on the characteristics, Ice Business Premium colors are used more and more frequently in ice rinks around the world. They have already been used by more than 30 NHL clubs and almost all clubs in the German national league.


We recommend 6 to 8 boxes of our Ice Business Premium White Ice Paint to cover a standard size 60 x 30 m rink.

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