Ice Business for Modhesh World

One of the summer 2014 projects of Ice Business is a mobile ice rink in Dubai, part of the Modhesh World Festival. We are really excited about this one since it is part of the Dubai Summer Festival, 2014 edition. Modhesh World is designed for family entertainment during the summer in Dubai and because of the dimensions that it got through the last years, it can be considered also a destination by itself just by taking a look over the visitors number which is almost 500.000 people.

Skate rental stand at Modhesh World 2014, Dubai

The ice rink is part of the “Winter Wonderland” section, which is one of the attraction areas, between sand parks, water parks, laser quests, high rope adventures, etc. The size of the ice rink is around 425 m² and it comes also with a slide! Accessories are available for all customers including skates and skating aids.

We are also in charge of managing the entire event going on on the ice rink. We have prepared a full program for the ice rink for the whole period of the event, containing freestyle skating shows, mascots, special events for family with children, ice hockey sessions, figure skating lessons, etc.

Above that, we have prepared a special weekly ice skating show in partnership with the first Ice Skating Academy in Dubai, “Queen of Ice World”. The skating shows are every week, twice a day (every Wednesday and Saturday) and last for 15 minutes each. Especially prepared for open public, families and children, the entertainment is at it´s home on the Ice Business rink!

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